Coming ahead of Opponent Perseru, Persib Degree Fun Games in Exercise

Coming ahead of Opponent Perseru, Persib Degree Fun Games in Exercise

Persib Bandung has been ready to be a guest Perseru Serui in advanced League 1, Saturday (07/29/2017). Since Thursday afternoon local time, troops of Tim Maung Bandung have arrived in Serui.

Friday morning, Atep Rizal and his friends have even held a practice. In fact, physical coach Persib, Yaya Sunarya, immediately menyodori players with high intensity exercise.

However, Persib management has a trick for the players do not feel heavy. The exercise was held with motede fun games. “We make fun for seeing the situation as well, to reduce the tension of players,” said Yaya, as released official website Persib.

Yaya also mentions, physically and psychologically, his troops are in good condition. Method of fun games, said Yaya Persib players also lived comfortably.

With good conditions like this, Yaya Persib also hopes to perform maximum opponent Perseru. Because, Tim Maung Bandung carrying the target of three points in this fight.

“The enthusiasm and optimism of the players is also good. No fatigue and ready to play tomorrow, “Yaya asserted.

Travel 20 Hours

Previously, caretaker coach Persib, Herrie Setyawan, had time to rest the players, since arriving Thursday afternoon. According to Herrie, this is done in order to restore the condition of players.

Understandably, from Bandung, they take no less than 20 hours on the way to Serui. Through Jakarta, they have to go through Makassar, Biak, before arriving in Serui.

However, Herrie believes, the condition of players can return to fit and ready to face the match opponent Perseru. “We have a high motivation and ready, Insyaalah ready to appear,” he said.

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