Ivan Carlos Injured and Pulled Two Months, Persela Crisis Striker

Ivan Carlos Injured and Pulled Two Months, Persela Crisis Striker

It has fallen on the stairs too, maybe that’s the right aphorism to describe the current condition of Persela Lamongan Agen Sbo. 2-3 defeat when entertaining Mitra Kukar on Monday (21/08/2017), compounded by an injury that befell Ivan Carlos.

Persela mainstay striker must be pulled over at least two months into the future. He injured in the right leg after releasing a hard kick into the goal Mitra Kukar in the 89th minute.

From the results of rontgen done at the Regional General Hospital (RSUD) dr Soegiri Lamongan, Ivan Carlos was sentenced to fissure os metatarsal 5 digit dextra or cracked the fifth right leg of the fifth finger. This takes a minimum of two months to recover.

“Carlos needs special care time, about one to two months. Possible no operation. Because it just cracked, not to break, “said medical team Persela Hasyim, as reported on the official club page.

However, the Brazilian attacker is required to take the drug and undergo fixation therapy (action so the bones do not move much), to help recovery.

The absence of Ivan Carlos would be enough to harm the team Laskar Joko Tingkir in wading the rest of the game this season. Practically, Persela leaving only the figure of Samsul Arif Munip and Bima Nizard Nandaka, as a pure striker.

“It’s very vulnerable. Being serious thoughts too for me. If Samsul Arif injured or accumulated a yellow card, confused me, “said head coach Persela, Heri Kiswanto.

“Who else would want to try as a striker. Who are the players if placed as a striker, I hope to be, “he said.

Herkis-familiar greeting Heri Kiswanto, deserves to be worried. Until the last game to face Mitra Kukar, Bima has not even felt the appearance and just a sweetener on the bench. Meanwhile, Ahmad Nur Hardianto has yet to show he will recover from injury.

In addition to Ivan Carlos, Persela also certainly will not be able to use Jose Coelho service in a few games ahead. The marquee player asked for permission to return home to Portugal to pay their last respects to his father who passed away some time ago.

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