Jakarta Governor Hopes Persija Take Benefits Game Counter Espanyol

Laga Kontra Espanyol

Jakarta Governor Hopes Persija Take Benefits Game Counter Espanyol

Persija Jakarta and Espanyol will face each other in a test match that took place at the Patriot Chandrabaga Stadium, Bekasi, Wednesday (19/7). But there is an interesting before this fight took place both clubs visited the City Hall, Jakarta to meet the Governor of Jakarta, Djarot Saiful Hidayat.

Djarot insists he fully supports this test duel. Espanyol’s arrival to face Persija is very good for the development of Indonesian football, especially Persija itself. Given Espanyol is one of the top clubs in the world.
Djarot meets Persija and Espanyol (source: Media Persija)
“If the main opponent steady to learn from each other. In such a way it will improve the quality of our game and become a boost to us for the better, “said Djarot at City Hall of DKI Jakarta, Jalan Merdeka Selatan, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (19/7).

“The hope that Persija also can get valuable experience for playing with big clubs, top flight, it is also rare,” he added.

In addition, the scholarship program for two people for young players to Espanyol is also worthy of appreciation. Thus there will be quality players from the program. Moreover, human resources in Indonesia quite a lot, of course if this opportunity is wasted then very unfortunate.

“Certainly the program I greeted with joy especially with this we can give birth to a good player for both Persija and PSSI forward. You remember we have enormous resources, more than 210 million, we are looking for 11 players or 24 players we can not, “continued Djarot.

Persija can learn many things from Espanyol

While Gede Widiade, as the Director of Persija said it interested to establish cooperation with Espanyol because many things that can be taken advantage of the Catalan club.

“Obviously Espanyol has a class good enough for us to transfer technology and transfer experience,” said Gede.

While Defender Macan Kemayoran, Arthur Irawan mentioned many things that can be learned from the Primera Liga club La Liga. “They are very neat to play. We can learn a lot about how to play good organizations and how effective tiki-taka tactics, “says Arthur who once grazed at Espanyol.

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