Luca Toni Gives Support to Higuain

Luca Toni Gives Support to Higuain

Former retainer of Juventus and Italian national team, Luca Toni provide motivation to Gonzalo Higuain to re-show the quality.

Higuain just pocketed 3 goals this season, where he failed to score when Juve defeated 2-1 from Lazio.

“Believe me, Higuain got everything but he was in a crisis,” Toni said.

“I consider him like a ‘bomber’ and see he has grown so far since the start of the season.

“This incident happened repeatedly to me and I think this also happened to him. He will score twice against Lazio if he is lucky.

“Higuain should remain happy, but I trust him because we are talking about players who always score goals and will always be like that.”

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