MU opponents, Arema FC forced to lower the second goalkeeper

MU opponents, Arema FC forced to lower the second goalkeeper

Facing the week 23 League 1, Arema FC still seems to have entrusted his last defense to goalkeeper Dwi Kuswanto second. This is because he has not recovered Kurnia Meiga Hermansyah after experiencing illness.

Coach goalkeeper Yanuar Hermansyah took this decision because in Singo Edan practice that has been running for several days after facing PSM last week, the goalkeeper numbered 1 has not joined at all. Though the time before the game is very close.

“Meiga is still absent, he was attacked typhoid, impossible to force to play with the current conditions, so I entrust the goal Arema FC to Dwi,” said the man who is familiarly called Begal this.

Begal added that although Dwi is actually still minimal hours of flying time with Arema, but only he is the only goalkeeper is most ready to be lowered. At least in this 1st league 27-year-old player has been twice as a starting eleven although in the fight against PSM must concede 3 goals.

“I do not believe in the ability of Utah Rusdian or Ibn Adam to get down, but seeing Madura United is a very big team, plus we will play in their cage, I think this time Dwi is the most ready,” he explained.

In addition, Begal said he strongly believes in the ability of Dwi to be able to complete the match that will be held on Sunday (10/9) future. Experience playing while still not with Arema FC was pretty good, so there’s nothing to worry about.

“All players must have positive and negative values, the problem of conceding the three numbers yesterday I made a lesson, the most important now how to fix the existing deficiencies in Dwi,” he said.

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