Spalletti: Stop Compare Me with Mourinho

Spalletti: Stop Compare Me with Mourinho

Luciano Spalletti did not like the likes of Jose Mourinho who in a few years ago achieved success with Inter Milan.

Where, Spalletti successfully brought the Nerazzurri to the top of the Serie A standings and has not been invincible since he handled the club. Raihan positive it also makes Spalletti began aligned with Mourinho who successfully won the treble with Inter in 2010.

“I am called parallel to Mourinho is a thing that makes me embarrassed. You all have to stop it because it forces me to emphasize the distance between myself, who’s been here for two days, with someone who has made history with Inter, “Spalletti told local media.

“I will not be able to approach it, do not make me parallel to it. And Mourinho also knows this should not be compared, “

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