Use of Foreign Referees in League 1, Could Be a Solution?

Use of Foreign Referees in League 1, Could Be a Solution?

Earlier this week PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) issued an interesting announcement, which took PSSI to apply to FIFA about the use of foreign referees Judi Online Terpercaya.

It was allegedly aimed at improving the quality of the more professional competition as well as the creation of an increasingly competitive competitive climate from various aspects.

As expressed Berlington Siahaan as Director of PT LIB, the use of foreign referees planned to be conducted in the second round of League 1 held August 4 next. The plan, FIFA referees will lead 50 percent of the game every week.

This step into consideration PT LIB to improve the quality of the game as one of the entertainment community of Indonesia, as well as a new thing. Moreover, many clubs are furious with the leadership of the local referee in League 1 this season with many decisions that are considered strange.

In addition, the presence of the court from abroad is expected to transmit good leadership for the progress of soccer homeland. Berlinton insists foreign referees in charge of League 1 must hold FIFA licenses.

Actually not a new thing

The use of foreign refereeing refereeing is not something new in the Indonesian football competition, because similar things have been applied in the era of Indonesia Super League (ISL).

Precisely in the 2010-2011 season, then PSSI had time to use the referee from Malaysia. One of them when the game el clasico Indonesia, PSSI decided the Malaysian referee named Shokhri who led the game. Overall when there are nine ISL games led by foreign referees.

Although not new, the involvement of foreign referees this time is expected to be utilized local referees to exchange experience and knowledge about the culture of the game. Thus the knowledge of local referees will also increase.

“We do not want to say this local referee is ugly all. But, something new we have to do to make Indonesian football more attractive to the public, “said Berlington.

The use of foreign referees was also welcomed by Bhayangkara FC coach Simon Mc Menemy. Indeed one of the poor quality of Indonesia league because of the poor quality of referees.

“I think this sector should be improved and the use of foreign referees could be a solution. It is expected to offer self-improvement. Do not just coaches or foreign players aja but the referees can also be foreign with this can be expected to transfer knowledge, “said Simon.

The use of foreign referees is only a short-term solution

The use of foreign referees many commented on by several constestan League 1. One of them came from the capital club Persija Jakarta. Coach Stefano Cugurra Teco assesses the use of foreign referees is only a short-term solution. For him it is better to have a tiered program such as adding material to local referees that could be a long-term revamping solution.

“I think it’s okay, but not all matches. Local referees should remain. I think PSSI must have a program to help the local referees, “said Teco met crew, Wednesday (19/7).

In addition, physical refereeing is also considered necessary to be the focus of PSSI and PT LIB this season. The main obstacle of local referees is not the knowledge, but the physical referee who always oversize while leading the game for 90 minutes.

“Especially physical improvements for local referees. Physical condition, there must be a physical trainer, love physical exercises to be more fit during the game. The referee should have a good match. I think it will help the local referee, “Teco closed.

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